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Our Services

121 online coaching

Take charge of your life with our 121 online coaching. Our coaches will setup training and nutrition programmes for you with regular check ins to check your progress. If you would like to accelerate your fitness journey and you want an expert on your side to ensure you're doing things right this is the option for you.
Our coaches will work with you to understand what type of training and exercises you enjoy. Training plans will be designed to suit your life style needs.

Train plans designed to suit your life style

Select the exercises you enjoy the most

Include a mix of fitness and weight training

Meet your training goal by your end date

Bring your lagging muscle groups

Improve overall body composition

We develop a nutrition plan to suit your specific goal needs. Taking into account which nutrition groups you need to optimise training performance but also selecting the foods you enjoy.

Nutrition plans developed to suit your specific goal

Select the foods you enjoy to eat

Food groups selected to help optimise your training performance

We give you flexibility to enjoy a treat every now and then!

Plan around birthday dinners and holidays

Throughout your fitness journey our coaches will ask to see videos of your exercises to critique your form so you can perfect your technique. You will also be given access to our video library of exercise tutorials.

121 critique of your exercise form

Access to our extensive exercise video tutorials

Rehab treatment exercises for injuries

Video analysis of your specific exercise selection

Exercise selection based on your preferences

Our coaches will work closely with you staying in touch with regular 121 check ins. This ensure we can discuss your progress and address any issues quickly so you can stay on track to meet your fitness goals.

Regular 121 check ins by video call

Analysis of training progress and fatigue

Reviewing your nutrition diary and macronutrients

Planning for holidays and special ocassions

Have your questions answered quickly using our whatsapp group chat

As part of our 121 coaching services you will gain access to our whatsapp support group where you can ask questions and support others on their fitness journey.

Access to our whatsapp support group with coaches and others

Ask any nutrition and training questions

Insight in how others are achieving their fitness goals

Learn nutrition tips and tricks to stay on track

24/7 support when you need motivation

Gain access to our bespoke made ebooks and guides that cover nutrition, fatigue management, training basics and more.

Expand your fitness knowledge with our ebooks

Learn how to program your own training

Use our resources for your future training goals

Access to over 100 ebooks and guides


We analyse your current body and understand your fitness goals.


Our coaches plan your training and nutrition plans to suit your needs.


Following your training and nutrition plan step by step you will see the results.


Periodically we shall review your progress to fine tune your results.